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Annual Report Presentation

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Each year the group holds an annual review meeting where the leaders, committee and parents are invited to come along and review the achievements of the group over the last year and make plans for the year ahead.

At this meeting the annual group report is presented by the President of the group committee and we also decide who will be the key members of the committee for the next year. Anyone is welcome to join the committee and we encourage parents to get involved in the management of the group by considering taking one of the key positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary when they become available.

The meeting is normally held on a Sunday afternoon at the beginning of March and includes tea, coffee and sometimes sausages!

We normally try and provide some games and activities so families can come along with their children.

Details of the next Annual Report Presentation meeting will be provided via email and also on this website when they become available. Please come along if you would like to help support and shape the future of our group.

If you are a member and would like to see reports from previous years please contact our committee.