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How to pack a tent

These instructions show how to pack up a 'Cubs' 6-person tent

Click here to download these instructions as a PDF file.

Please make sure that the tent is completely dry and clean before packing it - if you need to pack it up wet then make sure it is unpacked as soon as possible and hung to dry before being re-packed. You should also make sure that the tent is folded in such as way that the 'outside' surfaces come together so that the 'inside' surfaces can be kept clean.

1. Lay out the fly sheet, full-length, folded along its ridge length so that the tie-downs are brought together along one side. Make sure it is completely flat and then fold both ends into the middle to make a rectangle as shown below:

IMG 20160925 155845

2. Fold the ends into the middle and then fold in half end-to-end:

IMG 20160925 160307

IMG 20160925 160410

3. Lay out the inner tent and flatten the inside down smoothly by pulling it across one way then back the other. Try to avoid too many creases:

IMG 20160925 155526

4. Fold each end over so there is a slight overlap of the ground-sheet in the middle:

IMG 20160925 155652

5. Fold into 3 by folding over each end an equal amount. This will make the width fit inside the bag correctly:

IMG 20160925 155730

IMG 20160925 155821

6. Place the folded fly on the top - it should be the same width - and then roll tightly together:

IMG 20160925 160534

IMG 20160925 160824

7. Unzip the expanding base of the tent bag and then put the bag over the rolled tent. Once the tent is inside, roll the bag over and put the poles and peg bag inside:

IMG 20160925 161501

8. Carefully zip up the bag and then roll it over again to zip up the expanding base:

IMG 20160925 161709