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About Joeys


Our Joey Mob meets at our hall on Thursday afternoons from 6 pm till 7pm.

Aims | Activities | Leaders

Joeys are for boys and girls who have had their 6th birthday and have not yet turned 8. From about 7½ they can commence 'linking up' to Cubs. If your child is 7½ and has not yet started with Joeys you may consider going straight to Cub Scouts.


Our aims for the Joey Mob are:

  • To have fun in a safe and structured environment;
  • To be introduced to the world of Scouting and learn about where it all began;
  • To begin to develop a sense of belonging to a structured social group outside school and sport.

Typical Activites

Joeys are the young ones of the Scouting family and as such they are looked after in a manner that one would expect. At 1st East Ryde, our Joeys typical weekly meeting is divided into 3 - 4 different activities in no particular order.

  • Stories - Our Leaders will tell stories about Baden Powell (the founder of the Scouting movement) and the interesting life he had; Aboriginal stories and stories about our wonderful country, Australia; and simple fictional stories with a moral message and/or audience participation.
  • Games - There are literally hundreds of different games our Leaders know and teach our children to play. Some have a Scouting connection that actually teaches while they are played while others are simply for fun. They are generally of a non-competitive nature.
  • Art & Craft - Joeys often gather around a table and do various sorts of craft usually related to an Australia theme. They might make an Australian native animal out of assorted craft material or do some special creative task related to the theme of the meeting.
  • Community Services - Although they are young, along with our Leaders our Joeys attend our local ANZAC Day Ceremonies and participate in community activities such as 'Clean up Australia Day'.
  • Outings and Sleepovers - As part of our theme each term we often arrange a weekend outing, attend Joey district and regional functions with other Joey Scout Mobs or hold a Mob Holiday in which each joey scout and their parent or carer stays overnight at a suitable venue such as a conference centre with cabin or domitory accommodation for sleeping. 



Our Joey Leaders are:

  • "Mokee" (Lyn Mann) - Joey Scout Leader
  • "Koala" (Kris Arnold) - Assistant Joey Scout Leader
  • "One-Tonner" (Phillip Ward) - Assistant Joey Scout Leader


If you would like to get in touch with the Joey Leaders please send an email to  or come see them on a Thursday evening at our scout hall in John Miller Street, Ryde.


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