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Joeys Hands Across the Water

Joey Scouts work towards their 'Hands Across the Water' badge we are doing with a South Korean Beaver Group. 

Tonight the Joeys model a selection of Mokee's contingent shirts collected from around the world.


Joeys Care and Share

In term 3 the Joey scouts worked hard for their Care and Share badge.

As a big part of their badgework they held a food drive in aid of North Ryde Community Aid Winter Appeal.

Carolyn form NRCA came along to collect our donations and to award the Joeys their well earned badges.

Well Done Joeys!


Father's Day 2015

Nice to see so many dad's at our Father's Day celebration. 

Bit of fun, bit of food and the usual construction project!


Joeys fathers day1   Joeys fathers day2  Joeys fathers day3  Joeys fathers day4

Dad's show off their competitive side with a balloon car race.

Joeys fathers day5

Joey 'Big Day Out'

Joeys 25th Birthday ‘Big Day Out’

It was a beautifully sunny morning when our intrepid Joeys set off by ferry into Circular Quay to meet up with joeys scouts from all over NSW for a birthday bash and photo op’ at the Opera House.

Having met up at Scout Place under the beautiful ‘Windlines’ sculpture we walked, flags waving along circular quay to the steps of the Opera House.

After a short photo shoot of groups with our Joey mascot Kym, we made or way into the Botanical Gardens for the NSW State photo. We finishing with a rendition of “Happy Birthday to us”.

Lovely to see so many happy smiling Joeys in one place!


joeys 25th big day out 1

joeys 25th big day out 2

joeys 25th big day out 3

Joeys 25th Birthday Party

Last week the Joeys celebrated their 25th birthday - they enjoyed playing games and eating cake with the first East Ryde Joey leaders, Rikki, Marlee and Mokee.

25th party

The local paper was also there to join in the fun:


ANZAC march and Kokoda Track memorial walk

Joeys were up early on ANZAC day to join the annual ANZAC dawn march and service at North Ryde RSL.

After a moving service we left for the second half of our memorial day. A visit to the Kokoda Track memorial walk in Rhodes starting with a reviving morning tea.

We then followed the path which commemorated the stages of the infamous Kokoda Track, a single-file foot thoroughfare that runs 96 kilometres overland through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea.

The descriptions, photos and oral presentations helped the Joeys to understand the hardship the soldiers faced in the journey.

joeys anzac1 joeys anzac2

Joeys In Space... well almost!

This term our Joeys are exploring Space….. The final frontier!

As part of this theme we visited the fabulous guys at the Macquarie Uni Observatory on Friday night. The sky was clear apart from the odd plane and we saw Saturn, the Moon, globular clusters and alpha centauri to name just a few..

joeys at the observatory


"Pirate" Joey Fun Day

capt zaphod

At the end of a fabulous and fun-filled "Pirate" Joey Fun Day on Sunday, three of our East Ryde Joeys were presented with their Promise Challenge Badges by 'Captain' Quokka, the Sydney North Regional Commissioner for Joeys.

The Promise Challenge is the last badge Joeys do before they move up to the Cub section.

Congratulations to Nicola, Jessica, and Aiden.



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