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New comers and old hands had a fantastic time at Bents Basin this October long weekend at the annual Family Camp out. Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, and their families all joined in. We swam, ate, walked, chatted, ate, played cricket, had water fights, ate, and whiled away the evenings by the camp fire. The marquee and communal food promoted interaction between all from 3 to 30, to ...ahem a bit older. It was wonderful to see everyone pitch in. B-R-A-V-O East Ryde families, you make a wonderful community for our kids to grow up within. 

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‘Canoeing was the best’

 ‘Waters a bit chilly....but I’ll get used to it...’

‘I really liked water bombing the Venturers’

‘Thank you for doing my test work, I’m almost ready to go to Jamboree’

‘Where do you hire the canoes? We’d really like to use one’      

‘I wish I could have worked out how to stay for that roast, it looked delicious’ – it was!!

red six is the best’ – .....come learn how to make codes and you too could get a badge.