The Grey Wolf award is the top award a Cub Scout can achieve. It requires commitment, effort and a bunch of fun for the Cub involved. In early 2016 the District Commissioner Woody and leaders Kilkie and Korana had the pleasure of awarding Oscar his Grey Wolf award. Oscar worked, had fun, and showed lots of examples of great badge work.

As part of his Grey Wolf Award Oscar made a wonderful 'Lego' comic book which can be used as a resource by all Cub Scouts. Click here to read it!

We hope Oscar will inspire more Cubs to pursue their Grey Wolf. Congratulations Oscar! It is not every Cub that can achieve this award.

Group Oscars Grey wolf Feb2016 Presentation Oscars Grey wolfFeb2016

A great turn-out for last weekend's working bee allowed us to get many jobs done in and around the hall. Thanks to all those who came along to lend a hand!

IMG 4396

IMG 4389

IMG 4397

IMG 4402

IMG 4403

IMG 4404

IMG 4406

IMG 4409

Found while clearing out some of the old junk in the hall - a rare photograph of Lord Baden-Powell at the World Jamboree in 1935:

Baiden Powell Jamboree 1935

BP Jamboree1935 PicB

Joey Scouts work towards their 'Hands Across the Water' badge we are doing with a South Korean Beaver Group. 

Tonight the Joeys model a selection of Mokee's contingent shirts collected from around the world.