Working Bee

working beeEach year we arrange a couple of working bees in order to tidy up the hall, clean and repair equipment and get through as many of the outstanding maintenance jobs we can. The next working bee will be held on Sunday 5th May 2019 - we will start at around 8am and finish up by 3:30pm. There will be refreshments throughout the day and food for those who work over lunchtime.

Please come and lend a hand - even if you can only manage an hour or two it will be great to have your support.

Check the whiteboard inside the hall for the list of jobs that we will aim to complete. Feel free to put your name down against any which you would like to help with - especially if you have appropriate skills or tools!

Below is an ongoing maintenance list we aim to get done - this list is constantly changing so please check back often to see what is still outstanding. Note: the list is not in any order of priority - when a new job needs to be done it is added. If you notice a job that you have the skillset for, pop by for an hour or two! 


Outside Area 

  1. General Clean up back of hall. (leaves woodpile etc)
  2. Weed gardens if required
  3. Tidy up garage area if required
  4. Clean gutters
  5. Remove cob webs
  6. Pavers near driveway need lifting and repacking
  7. Progress painting to front of hall,    priority is front porch ceiling (white)
  8. Clean outside of water tank
  9. Progress painting outside of hall. (front is the priority)
  10. Repair facts at back of hall (cherry picker required)
  11. Paint back of hall (Cherry picker required)


 Inside the Hall

  1. Thorough clean of men's and ladies toilets 
  2. General clean of hall
  3. Clean kitchen area including mop floor
  4. Clean venturers den
  5. Sort cupboards and drawers in kitchen, ensure all items are back in the correct places
  6. Check and replace all non working light globes or fluro tubes (moon light above fireplace, emergency exit???)
  7. Basket Ball backboard needs support 
  8. Table around perimeter of hall legs bend & table tops adrift
  9. Repaint the floor decals in the hall ( circles and B & W chess? board)
  10. Fluorescent light in upstairs office not working (starter & light replaced to no avail) **need a sparky **