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Cubs is for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 11 years. After they turn 11, they can commence linking up to Scouts.

1st East Ryde have two Cub packs that have identical programs run on different nights. They join together for outings and activities.

  • Explorer Pack meet on Mondays 6:30 - 8pm during school term
  • Pioneer Pack meet on Wednesdays 6:30 - 8pm during school term

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  • To have fun in a safe and structured environment;
  • To be introduced to, or continue to develop within the world of Scouting;
  • To begin developing, or continue to develop a sense of belonging to a structured fun activity outside of school and sports;
  • To become more independent through achieving individual goals in Scouting in an uncompetitive atmosphere.

Typical Activities

Cubs begin to develop the 'life skills' learnt though Scouting activities. They start being recognised for their achievements through a badge award system that they progressively work through while they are in Cubs. As an 8 year old they are encouraged to aim for their "Bronze Boomerang" badge which they will only receive when they have worked through a series of exercises and activities that develop their skills in Scouting life and in general. These will include (but not be limited to) things like cleanliness, home and road safety, knot and rope skills, Scouting and self expression.

At 9 and 10 years of age they will be encouraged to do their "Silver Boomerang", followed by their "Gold Boomerang", which continue on the themes learnt in the Bronze Boomerang, but at a more advanced level. There are many achievement badges our youth members can earn, including swimming, cycling, and first aid.

Over the past few years several have achieved the ultimate award for cub scouts, the "Grey Wolf Award" which recognises abilities to set goals, organise activities and provide leadership.

At 1st East Ryde, our Cubs typical weekly meetings are divided into 3 - 4 different activities in no particular order:

  • Stories - Our Leaders will tell stories about Baden-Powell (the founder of the Scouting movement) and the interesting life he had, as well as stories about our wonderful country, Australia;
  • Games - There are literally hundreds of different games our leaders know and teach our children to play. Some have a Scouting connections that actually teaches while they are played and others are simply for fun;
  • Arts and Crafts - Cubs will often sit around a table and do various sorts of craft that help to develop their skills and understanding of life in general. They might make a sailing boat or a plane and learn the various parts that make them work;
  • Community Service - Along with our Leaders our Cubs participate in our local Memorial March on ANZAC Day, and participate in initiatives like Landcare and National Tree Day;
  • Outdoor Activities - Our Cubs do a number of outdoor activites, such as visiting local community services and taking part in physical activities like swimming and indoor rockclimbing. We do bush walking around our local area, as there are a number of bush tracks in our suburb, some of which start right at the back of our hall. We also go on camps such as "Cuboree" and weekend Pack holidays.


 Explorer Pack Leaders (Monday nights)

Steven Green"Bagheera"
Steven Green
Cub Scout Leader
Kim Bunny"Karela"
Kim Bunny
Assistant Cub Scout Leader


Pioneer Pack Leaders (Wednesday nights)

Phillip"One Tonner"
Phillip Ward
Relieving Cub Scout Leader
Paul Travis"Baloo"
Paul Travis
Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Jackson Rogers"Limmershin"
Jackson Rogers
Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Alix Brown"Leela"
Alix Brown
Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Tim Brown"Ikki"
Tim Brown
Assistant Cub Scout Leader


 Term 2 2019

Week Explorer Pack Pioneer Pack Meeting Theme / Special Activity Location E1s Due Leader
 1 Wed 24 July Wed 24 July Combined night for all cubs of both Explorer and Pioneer Packs Hall    Pack Council
 2 Mon 29 July Wed 31 July Safety Hall     Leela

Mon 5 Aug.



Fri 9 Aug.

International Cooking (Explorer Pack)

ClimbFit (Pioneer Pack)

Hall /



31 July




Nights Under Canvas

Saturday-Sunday 10-11 August
Camp Windeyer 19 July Wirrin

Fri 16 Aug.



Wed 14 Aug.

ClimbFit (Explorer Pack)

International Cooking (Pioneer Pack)

ClimbFit /


 5 Aug. Bagheera
 5 Mon 19 Aug. Wed 21 Aug. Music Hall   Limmershin
 6 Mon 26 Aug. Wed 28 Aug. Fathers Day Hall    One-Tonner
 7  Mon 2 Sept. Wed 4 Sept. Harry Potter + Bring a Friend ! Hall    Karela
  Sun 8 Sept. Sun 8 Sept. Group Working Bee Hall   Support Committee
 8 Mon 9 Sept. Wed 11 Sept. Handcraft Hall   Chil
 9 Mon 16 Sept. Wed 18 Sept. Invictus Games Hall    Karela

Chicago - Group Fundraiser

Wednesday 18 September

Capitol Theatre (see email)  
 10 Mon 23 Sept. Mon 23 Sept. Movie Night  Hall   Bagheera
School Holidays     Nights Under Canvas
Friday-Sunday 27-29 September
 Camp Windeyer  13 Sept.  

Looking ahead:

  • Sat 19th October - Granny Smith Festival
  • Sun 27th October - Cuboree Pack Building Day
  • Sun 17th November - Out and About
  • Thu 12th December - Group Christmas Party
  • Sun 5th to Thu 9th January 2020 - Cuboree