Car Boot Sale - Frequently Asked Questions


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General Information

Q.  How much is it for a stall?
A.  A Standard space (3m x 4m) is $35 and a Large space (3m x 7m) to fit a trailer or larger van is $45.
Q.  How do I book?
A.  We no longer take phone bookings. All bookings are to be made via our booking portal.  The link will be made available on our website closer to the event.
Q.  How often do you hold a Car Boot Sale?
A.  Generally twice a year around March & October.
Q.  How long does it go for?
A.  It opens to the public at 9.00am until 2.00pm. 
Q.  Where is it held?
A.  On the grassy area on the corner of Twin Rd and Badajoz Rd, North Ryde. Stallholder entrance is off Twin Road as shown below


Q.  Who runs this event?
A.  1st East Ryde Scout Group has run this event since 2005 as a fundraiser for the group.
Q.  How many stallholders are there?
A.  We cater for up to 75 stalls.
Q.  How many customers are there?
A.  It is usually very busy early in the morning with a continuous flow of people during the day.
Q.  Where is the car boot sale advertised?
A.  Banners are erected at major local intersections and social media is used to promote this event to over 6000 families in the Ryde district, 5000 families in the Parramatta district and 8000 families in the North Shore district. Advertisements are also placed online at the Ryde Council website, the local TWT newspapers and in local school newsletters.


Booking & Selling

Q.  How do I book?
A.  Bookings can be made through our booking portal by clicking the book now button on our home page or by going to and searching for "East Ryde Scouts".  Tickets generally go on sale 2 months prior to each event.
Q.  Can I get more than one space?
A.  Yes, you can purchase up to 2 spaces online.
Q.  Can I choose a particular space?
A.  For practical and safety reasons our parking volunteers will direct cars on the day to the back of the site first. A particular space can be requested on arrival (e.g. shade because you sell plants) but the answer will be determined by the parking volunteers on the day. If you cannot reverse your vehicle into a parking space, please bring a driver with you. Officials representing the scout group will not park vehicles for stallholders.
Q.  What's the best time to set up?
A.  The gate will open for stallholders to commence set-up from 6:30am. All vehicles must have arrived, be parked and commenced set-up by 8.30am. Any vehicle arriving after this time will not be allowed access. Stallholders are prohibited from entering the site prior to our parking volunteers arriving.
Q.  Where do I park my car?
A.  One car is kept at your designated space.
Q.  Can I drop off items at my space and then drive my car out?
A.  No. It is very busy when stallholders are setting up so once you have driven in you will not be able to drive your car out until after 2pm. If you do not wish to have a vehicle at your space then you may park in the street nearby and hand-carry or use a trolley to bring your items in.
Q.  Can I bring a trailer?
A.  Yes, however you must select the “Large Space” when booking online. There is an area reserved for trailers but spaces are limited. If a booking has not been made for a larger space you may be requested to pay the additional $10 at the gate or be turned away if there are no large spaces available. Do not bring a trailer if you cannot reverse it.
Q.  Can I leave early?
A.  No. For safety reasons we are unable to allow vehicles to leave the site whilst it is open to the public. From 2pm parking volunteers will be available escort vehicles safely off the site.
Q.  Can I set up a table or gazebo/umbrella/awning?
A.  Yes, it is recommended to bring a table or something similar to set up your goods. A chair and covering will make it more comfortable for you. There is some shade, but not all spaces are under the trees. Coverings should not be bigger than your space. If you do not think you will fit your goods in a single space please book a second space and we will allocate them together for you on the day.
Q.  Can I hire a table?
A.  We have a limited number of tables for hire at $12 each. Add these to your order when booking your space online. Tables are to be collected from the BBQ area after you have parked your car in your assigned space.
Q.  What can I sell?
A.  Stallholders can sell new and used items, however illegal, dangerous or offensive goods cannot be sold at this event. If you are selling electrical items, you will need an electrician’s certificate certifying that the item is in working order.
Q.  Can I set up a food stall?
A.  Fresh fruit and vegetables may be sold. Also pre-packaged "low risk" food such as jams, honey and condiments can be sold, however they must be specified and approved upon booking. If not specifically authorised, we may ask you to pack away any food products not noted on your booking. No other fresh food or drinks may be sold.
Q.  What happens if it rains?
A.  If it is raining lightly we will go ahead (please bring covers for your stall). If it is torrential rain or storm, we may cancel and stallholders will be notified by email to the nominated email account at the time of booking. Otherwise please check or our group Facebook page . If there is no cancellation message on the morning of the car boot sale then it will proceed as scheduled.
Q.  If the event is cancelled will I receive a refund?
A.  If the event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be issued to all stallholders.
Q.  Can I cancel my booking?
A.  Stallholders may request a cancellation up to 7 days prior to the event through the trybooking event page. Any cancellations after this time will not be refunded.
Q.  Do you cover my stall for public and products liability?
A.  No.  If this is a concern please investigate cover for yourself.

Facilities on Site

Q.  Can I get tea/coffee or lunch there?
A.  Yes. 1st East Ryde Scouts run a BBQ and cake stall. There is also a coffee van on site.
Q.  Is alcohol allowed on the site?
A.  No.
Q.  Are there toilets on the site?
A.  Yes. Portable toilets are located on site for the duration of the event.
Q.  Is there electricity on the site?
A.  No.
Q.  Do you have rubbish bins for my unsold & unwanted items?
A.  No. Small bins are provided for rubbish produced from the BBQ and cake stall. You must take all your items and rubbish home with you.