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Joeys is for girls and boys aged 5 (if attending school) up to 8 years old. At age 8 they commence linking up to Cubs.

Our Joey Unit meets on Thursdays 6pm - 7pm during school terms.


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Our aims for the Joey Mob are:

  • To have fun in a safe and structured environment;
  • To be introduced to the world of Scouting and learn about where it all began;
  • To begin to develop a sense of belonging to a structured social group outside school and sport.

Typical Activities

Joeys are the young ones of the Scouting family and as such they are looked after in a manner that one would expect. They start being recognised for their achievements through a badge award system that they progressively work through while they are in Joeys, and continues through the older Sections.

As a 5 year old they are encouraged to aim for their Milestone 1 Badge which they receive when they have worked through a series of exercises and activities that develop their skills in Scouting life and in general. These will include (but not be limited to) things like cleanliness, home and road safety, Scouting and self expression. At 6 and 7 years of age they will be encouraged to do their Milestone 2, followed by their Milestone 3, which continue on the themes learnt in Milestone 1, but at a more advanced level.

Joey Scouts are also encouraged to pursue their special interests in the four Challenge Areas:

  • "Community", with events like Commemoration of Anzac, visits to aged care facilities, and special service organisations like SES;
  • "Outdoors", taking advantage of local parks and bushland, and opportunities to share weekends away;
  • "Creative", including art, craft, drama and musical pursuits;
  • "Personal Growth", including health, well-being, resilience and spiritual development.

Over the past few years several 1st East Ryde Joey Scouts have achieved the ultimate award for Joeys, the "Promise Challenge" which recognises abilities to set goals, organise activities and provide leadership.

At 1st East Ryde, our adult leaders encourage and support Joey Scouts to lead, assist and participate in our weekly meetings and activities.


Our Joey Leader team is:

Lynn Mann"Mokee"
Lyn Mann
Joey Scout Leader
Phillip Ward"One Tonner"
Phillip Ward
Assistant Joey Scout Leader
 Adrian Diggleman"Emu"
Adrian Diggelman
Assistant Joey Scout Leader

Michael Weng

If you would like to get in touch with our Joey Scout Leaders please phone 0417439456, email  or come and see us on a Thursday 6-7pm at our scout hall in John Miller Street, Ryde.


We were off to a great start in 2021, with some older Joeys moving on to Cubs, and younger ones joining us to share our fun!

Highlights included bushwalks in the Field of Mars, a visit to One-Tonner's backyard hens, completing the Postcard Challenge, and developing our camping skills. On a weekend in May we held an overnight camp in tents at 1st Boronia Scout Hall, featuring a campfire and lots of fun! The Hunters Hill SES visited us one Thursday night, and we all earned our Scouting SES Badge! In June we created murals of Sad and Happy Environments, now on display at the Field of Mars Visitor Centre.

Activities are decided with input from our Youth Members. Plans for Term 3 must adapt to the current Lockdown situation, but here's what we hope to achieve:

Term 3 Week


Meeting Theme / Activity


1     Mokee

15 July

Welcome back and introduction to online meetings

Online  - MSTeams

2     Mokee

22 July

All things Knots, including the shoelace challenge, creative challenge

Online  - MSTeams

3     Mokee

29 July

The Great Joey Bake-off, creative challenge

Online  - MSTeams

4     OT

  5 Aug.

Penny Walk (with observation questions)


5     Emu

12 Aug.

Olympics 1


6     Emu

19 Aug

Olympics 2


7      OT

26 Aug



8      Kanga

  2 Sept

Creative Challenge: Games such as Celebrity Head, Who Am I?


9      Mokee

  9 Sept

Creative Challenge: Bananas Game

Weekend event 11-12 Sept Sleepover. Outer Space Theme? hall

10      Emu

16 Sept

Creative Challenge: Bee Hotels, Australian native plants


Ideas for Term 4:

Community nursery visit - Thursday 15 October
1st Boronia Scout Hall camping
Ferry/bus adventure
Putney Park, ferry & bike loop adventure
Ryde Park bikes.
SWASH Canoeing
Picnic - beach craft, nature