A collection of some of our videos showing how much fun our members have and also providing some useful information!


Aidan's Grey Wolf Animation

This stop-frame animation was made by Aidan as part of his Grey Wolf award


The Four Challenges of Gumbarie

A short film written and directed by the Scout Troop. The whole film was made in a single evening!


Leap Into Adventure AJ2016

A taste of Jamboree 2016.


The Story of Mowgli

This animated version of the story from the Jungle Book was made by Alex as part of his Grey Wolf badge when he was in Pioneer Pack.


How to Make a Bamboo Tripod

Want to take a nice steady picture out in the bush but forgot your tripod? No worries - this video explains how to make one using a few poles and different types of lashings.


Joey's Xmas Skit 2013

A funny skit by the Joeys and a surprise appearance of the Christmas fairy!


Baby Shark

Performed by 1st East Ryde and 1st Hornsby Heights Joeys